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Pennsylvania is in the midst of a public-safety crisis that's affecting many townships: The number of volunteer firefighters is shrinking at an alarming rate - down from 300,000 in the 1970s to around 50,000 today. 

Can we avert a problem that's not only jeopardizing lives but also local budgets? 

To find out, watch the Township Video News Special Report at right, which features a one-on-one interview with Rep. Frank Farry, a Bucks County fire chief who understands the challenges confronting fire companies and municipalites and is using the knowledge to take action. 
After watching, please contact your lawmakers and urge them to support the reboot of Senate Resolution 60 and its menu of options to help local fire companies recruit and retain volunteers.  

Note: While TVN is a great resource for township officials, it includes information that your residents will find valuable, too, so please consider sharing the program with them. Some townships, for instance, air TVN during their public meetins. Others feature the program on their web sites and public access channels. 

Townships that want to provide feedback or even suggestions for future episodes, should contact TVN producer Jill Ercolino at or (717) 763-0930.